As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin is responsible for all aspects of vision, strategy, and management for PCI. As a professional climber, Kevin is focused on making the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall on El Capitan with Tommy Caldwell. Kevin uses the same focus and determination required for high end climbing toward every aspect of PCI.
As Chief Operating Officer, Emmy is responsible for daily operations, including event management and corporate policy. Emmy brings over ten years of experience in corporate and small business organizations working in legal, sales, and marketing. She also has an extensive background in corporate event planning, contract management, and project management.
As Co-Founder and Chairman, Rusty acts as senior advisor to the company in all aspects. Rusty's background includes experience as a municipal bonds underwriter, television producer, and head of marketing for several companies. Rusty also currently serves as senior advisor on energy policy to the Sonoma County Water Agency.
As Director of Marketing and Sales, Andrew is responsible for the marketing strategy and full subscription of all PCI events. Andrew's background is in large events for non-profit organizations and professional sports teams, including the Oakland A's and the Sacramento River Cats.
Lorna Sheridan began her career in public relations, investor relations and crisis communications in 1987. Having worked for Ogilvy/Adams & Rinehart, Shearson Lehman Brothers/American Express, Dime Bancorp, Oppenheimer Mutual Funds and dozens of other large companies, Lorna brings a wealth of experience to PCI. Lorna grew up in and around New England and graduated from Princeton University in 1987.
Mike Beck is a founding partner of Nadesan Beck who's practice is primarily focused on negotiating and drafting a wide range of commercial agreements, consultation and protection of intellectual property, sponsorship and endorsement agreements, and other transitional needs of small business and individuals in the entertainment, outdoor, and sports and recreation industries.
Lynn Hill is one of the best climbers in the world. A natural athlete, Hill has competed as a gymnast and runner, as well as in climbing. Hill arguably brings more experience and perspective on the sport, industry, athlete relations, sponsorships and competitions than any other climber on the planet. We are proud to have Hill as a Professional Member and Senior Advisor to PCI.