We exist to create a better future for athletes. Together we can inspire the world to climb, aspire, and succeed. PCI provides opportunity, programs, and support for its members. We create opportunities for speaking, teaching and competing. We have corporate, educational, and youth climbing programs. Athlete support includes portfolio development, career planning, and event booking. PCI Representation is available to sponsored climbers globally by invitation and application.
PCI Athlete Representation is available by invitation and application only.

Applications are reviewed each year on Jan. 1st, April 1st, July 1st, Sept. 1st.

To apply, please click here.
Standard Membership Package:
  • Official PCI Member
  • Link to your website or blog
  • Listed in PCI Athlete database
  • Available for PCI Event Booking
  • Promoted to Gyms, Universities, and Companies in your region

  •    Cost: Free
    Premium Upgrades Available:
  • PCI T-shirt, $30 value
  • 250 business cards, $30 value
  • 100 11x17 custom posters, $60 value
  • 10 custom designed, printed and bound portfolios, $150 value
  • Custom Athlete Profile on PCI Website, $75 value

  •    Total Premium Membership Upgrade: $300 (save 13%)
    **Upgrades can also be purchased invididually

    Download the PCI Athlete Membership Fact Sheet

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Who can become a PCI Athlete Member?

    PCI Memberships are available to sponsored climbers globally.

    How can I become a PCI Athlete Member?

    PCI Athlete Memberships are available by invitation and application only. If you are a sponsored climber who would like to join PCI, please apply using the form on our website. Applications are reviewed quarterly, on January 1, April 1, July 1, and September 1.

    What are the different Membership levels?

    We offer three different levels of Athlete Membership based on your level of sponsorship support. The levels are Grassroots, Pro-Am, and Professional. Please refer to the chart labeled Levels to help determine your Membership level.

    What can PCI do for me?

    In our opinion, to be a professional climber means more than displaying strength and talent on the rock. It means being a professional in every sense of the word. PCI is here to help you develop these skills and connect you with opportunities to advance your career.

    What kind of "professional" skills are you referring to?

    PCI will help you develop your online presence, professional portfolio, cover letters, and provide insight into the business of sponsorships. We will not act as your agent, but we will help you understand how to deliver value to your sponsors and approach the relationship in a professional manner.

    What kind of "opportunities" are you referring to?

    PCI will provide opportunities for you to hone your teaching and speaking skills through clinic, corporate, university or other events that may be happening in your area.

    What can I do for PCI?

    Be engaged. Ask questions. Share ideas. Commit. Think big.

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