Put your leadership, team work, and problem solving skills to the test with some of the world's top climbers. Instead of sharing a perspective on these topics, we create an experience to challenge your experience, test your assumptions, and improve your performance. Climbing is an activity that naturally demands the same skills needed for a corporation to thrive: informed and decisive leadership, efficient and effective team work, and dynamic problem solving.
You are the best in your business. PCI athletes are the best climbers in the world. We bring a fresh perspective to meeting the challenges of leadership for those in your organization who are at the top of their game. PCI's Corporate Leadership Events are led by PCI's most elite members. These athletes have demonstrated leadership throughout their careers as they push the boundaries of the sport in life threatening situations. In addition to climbing, we will use their experiences as case studies to explore how these individuals adapt to dynamic and complex situations. Events are organized to balance your convenience needs and outcome desires. Contact us today.

In climbing, your team is at its best when communication is crisp, responsibilities are understood, and action is synchronized. The goal demands each member know their strengths, weaknesses, and responsibilities. Most importantly, each member must respect their own natural limits, or risk putting the entire team in danger. Climbing offers us the ability to honestly discover our strengths and weaknesses, not just physically, but mentally. These boundaries are not what limit us. Instead, they allow us to find teammates that compliment us. The result are operations, solutions, and quality that we could never achieve alone. PCI Team Building Events are led by some of the world's top climbers who live these concepts while striving to push the boundaries of the sport. To create a custom event for your Team, please contact us.